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Whichever option you choose, our adoption scheme shall work in the same way. There will be an initial fee depending on the truffle tree that you select. You will need to pay an annual fee of £60 to cover the cost of maintaining your tree. In return, you shall receive an A5 certificate and an emailed photograph of your tree; your tree will be maintained and nurtured carefully throughout the year, you will have regular communication; and crucially, all of the truffles from your tree are yours.
When the truffles are harvested you may choose to:
1) keep them. With the courier charge, we will post them to you. 
2) sell them. We will sell them on your behalf and send you the money.
3) pool them. With other adoptees who have elected to do the same you can pool your truffle.


It is potentially possible to decrease the time it takes for your tree to produce truffles by making use of truffle traps. Plus, once your tree is producing truffles, it is possible to increase the yield with the use of a truffle trap (aka Spanish well). Several small holes are dug around the tree and an inoculated medium is placed within. This method can prove highly productive, with several truffles sometimes found inside each trap. But as with all aspects of truffle cultivation, there are no guarantees.

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