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Truffle Tree

Truffle Tree

A one year old tree inoculated with tuber melanosporum. You will be selected a green oak unless you state a preference.


    With this option, there will be an annual charge of £60 to cover the maintenence of the plant. Every year the land is harrowed to care for the roots; irrigated to ensure a good crop; pruned for the health of the tree; and harvested using traditional methods.


    You have three options:

    1. You keep all of the truffles harvested from your tree. They shall be sent to you with the courier charge payable.

    2. You pool your truffles. Your truffles will be shared with others who have selected this option and you shall keep the average amount.

    3. You sell your truffles. We shall sell them for you and give you the money via your preferred method.

    You do not need to decide until the truffles arrive.


    These trees are located in excellent calcaire soil with the drainage and exposure conducive to high yeilds.

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