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The price of the Black Diamond

How much one of these gastronomic delights will set you back fluctuates from season to season. Read on to find out how your investment is doing in 2023

As we are in the heart of the Perigord, we produce the highest quality tuber melanosporum, demanding the top prices. We also have access to the most famous truffle markets. As well as the public, stockbrokers and investors are present at the markets clinching deals and bargaining with producers for whole lots. It's a busy and serious atmosphere, and serious money is exchanged.

It is a common belief that truffles are so expensive because they are so delicious. While this is true, it is more their rarity that dictates their cost. Probably the largest factor for determining the price of a truffle is the quantity collected. 2022/2023 winter harvest has been very poor indeed, thus driving the prices higher. This has been the same across Europe; for the Alba truffle of the Piedmonte as well as the Black truffle of the Perigord. It is mainly down to the long lasting droughts that we have been experiencing in the summer. It has long been noted that in order to thrive, the truffle needs plenty of sunny weather, but summer storms (and particularly hailstorms) are also essential for the development of truffles under the soil.

The ripeness of the truffle itself is fundamental to its price. We never practice the technique of 'raking' to harvest truffles. That method does not discriminate the ripe from the unripe. Once removed from the soil, the truffle will not continue to ripen at all and if is is not fully mature, the inside of the truffle will be white and will not release the poetic, alluring perfume that they are famed for. If the truffle has been harvested after a very hard frost, it can become soft, damaged by the cold. Also, when harvested very late in the season (March); the truffle could become over ripe, tasting rather heady, but in no way ruined.

The size of the truffle is another contributing factor to the price of a truffle. While larger truffles do not necessarily taste better than their smaller counterparts, they generally represent better value. The outer layer of the truffle is not so good as the flesh; and a smaller truffle would have a larger surface area resulting in proportionally less flesh than a larger truffle. While larger truffles are more fragile and hence, prone to damage, they are still considered superior.

Many factors affect the price of truffles, but this year the weather has been most notable - driving prices higher with poorer harvests. Here at Black Diamond Truffle Trees, we are glad to have made the decision to install an irrigation system from a sustainable source :)

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