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Ten reasons to love your lagotto

As if you need any more reasons! Duggy the truffle hound has been part of our pack for just over a year now and we couldn't imagine life without him. He is truly beautiful on the inside and the outside. Here are my top ten reasons I would urge you to invite a lagotto romagnolo into your life.

10. Cutie. A picture says a thousand words and this picture screams: fluffy, adorable, gentle, cuddly, loving, gorgeous!

9. Great with kids. He never jumps up or steals food. He loves tickles and giggles and playing fetch. He can't always tell which toys are his, but that's a good lesson for the kids too.

8. Wonderful swimmer. Originally bred as a retriever in the Italian lakes (or lago), the lagotto LOVES water. Duggy's favourite game is to jump in the water fetching anything that we throw for him. And if we are busy, he will take himself to the pond on a summer's day for a dip and come home feeling much refreshed.

7. Fabulous with dogs. This is my first male, entire dog, and I was initially worried that this could cause problems with other males or problems chasing females. But my worries have been completely unfounded. Duggy has many pals - big and small. And he usually entices them into playing! Here is a short video of Duggy's friend Margot from the neighbouring farm coming to knock on the door (which she does every day) to see if Duggy wants to come out and play. Obviously Duggy never refuses!

6. Always happy to see you. When he hears us coming, he will jump onto 'his' sofa and lay on his back waiting to give the best cuddles.

5. Amazing with all animals. Where would Duggy be without Missy Missy the cat? They are such great pals.

4. Stout and hardy. Duggy loves to be outside whatever the weather and whatever the activity. He will work long hours out and about on the farm.

3. Non shedding hair. His hair will simply grow and grow and never drop out. If we left it, he would become a stinky, fluffly cloud. The great thing is, no hair in the house or on your clothes.

2. Chilled. Duggy is still very young, but he is so relaxed. He is like a little old man dog. He will lie down for a snooze in the sun pretty much anywhere given half the chance.

1. Truffles! Duggy is an amazing pet, but the number one reason we let him in our house and our hearts was to be a truffle hound. And my goodness, has he shown his worth? He is an incredible truffle finding machine! It's his number one job and he is mighty proud of himself along with the rest of his family. He has instinctively become a truffle hound, it's his calling and he brings us all great joy when we watch him work. He's an amazing dog. And, at the end of the winter day, when our pouches are filled with truffles we can really thank that loving little creature smiling up at us with every inch of his being.

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2 comentarios

Such a happy, content little floof xxx he’s definitely earned his place in all our hearts ♥️

Me gusta

I love that dog 💕 how cute is the video of Margot coming to play?

Me gusta
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