History and lore of truffles

Updated: Jan 22

A brief history of the truffle

Somewhere deep in the folds of human psyche, the knowledge that TRUFFLES ARE DELICIOUS is built into us. Relying on permeating the soil, spreading and colonising by being eaten by animals, truffles have evolved to contain a smell and taste that is irresistible to animals. Famously, pigs have snuffled them out for millenia. In the Perigord, truffles are the foundation of a culture steeped in folklore, tradition, mystery and secrecy. But how far back does the relationship between humans and truffles date?

Ancient times

The limestone plateaus of Perigord, cut by deep fertile river valleys, created natural caves long ago. On visiting the area, it is easy to spot shelters and imagine a time where people had to use the land to their advantage. The imagination runs wild in sites such as the incredible troglodite settlement - La Roque Saint Christophe.