Happy Easter Everyone - May all your eggs be Truffled!

Updated: Mar 29

This month, we thought it was the right time to introduce the first of our favourite truffle recipes - Truffled and scrambled duck eggs with Tastou fried truffle sandwiches. Simple, fool proof and absolutely exquisite. After all, one may rightly be thinking, “How may I best treat my truffles when harvest day arrives?”. The thought of cooking these ludicrously expensive ingredients can cause a fair amount of apprehension. One cannot simply toss £100 worth of truffles into a Boeuf Bourguignon for 5 hours and expect a magical gastronomic experience. For most recipes it is suggested that 15g of truffles is required per person. Yes, £15 pounds of truffles per person. Ouch. This is why so many of the fabulous 20th Century truffle recipes can no longer be enjoyed by most as the cost associated is so high. Of course, you could always grow your own truffles. Or failing that, perhaps consider adopting a tree. And if you’ve already adopted one, why not consider adopting another!

Now then, we will start with a gentle warm up on the science of Truffles before delving into another of my all time favourite ingredients which makes use of a very similar methodology. To finish, the recipe itself. So, dribble-bibs on everyone and let us begin our quest to discover some guaranteed methods and rules to follow in order to get the very best out of your truffles and kick off your truffle quaffing adventures on the right foot.