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Black diamonds, Perigord truffles, truffes noires, diamonds of the dirt and black winter truffles are all names for the same elusive fungi, Tuber Melanosporum. They are regarded by the French as the finest mushrooms in the world. Rare and notoriously difficult to cultivate due to the exacting site conditions they require: they command a very high price. It is not uncommon for them to sell for greater than £1000 per kilogram making them one of the most expensive ingredients in the world. Thankfully for us, they grow very well in our surrounding area and here, in our family run truffière, we have hundreds of trees inoculated and prepared to produce this delightful delicacy. 

Adopting a truffle tree is the perfect gift for a truffle or gastronomic enthusiast; it could also prove to be a sound investment in future years for yourself; or perhaps you run a business selling luxury foods and would like to sell or prepare meals with your own truffles. 

To adopt a tree is easy - there is an initial payment and then an annual maintenance fee. You get to keep all of the truffles from your tree, or we can sell them for you and send payment instead.  

Duggy testing out his sniffing appartus.JPG

Introducing DUggy - the nose behind the operation

Meet Duggy our adorable Truffle hunting machine. Read all about his arrival here and his truffle training antics here. 


These extremely picky diamonds of the dirt, as the name suggests, come from the soil. They spend their entire life cycle under the ground. Therefore in order to cultivate this type of truffle, you are going to have to provide it with optimum soil conditions. It is all about the soil. Any wine aficionado will have a familiarity with the concept of ‘terroir’ and its vast importance in the quality of the wine produced. This applies even more so with truffles. Fortunately, we have the perfect terroir, and not just for growing truffles but also for the growing truffles of the highest quality.

As with any truffière, it can never be guaranteed that a particular tree will yield truffles. It's always a gamble no matter what you may read on other websites. However, planting a correctly inoculated tree in the right conditions is how to give you the very best chance. Read more about this in the 'Terroir' section of our website. Update: The small road that passes by our Truffle plantation has just been officially renamed - Route Des Truffiers. Please feel free to read more about this 'nod' from the Truffle gods here.

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