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Chez Emia

It's official, your chance to sleep among the truffle trees is here! Nestled in amongst the spindly Perigordian oak trees, below the truffiere, above grassy meadows, beside a pond and walnut grove, Chez Emia sits comfortably in its surroundings. Duggy has even found truffles under the trees here.

Although there is no electricity at the site, the bell tent has plenty of room inside and a spacious bed so you still feel comfortable and even a little luxurious.

Once the warm sun has melted red and orange into the the peaceful valley, Chez Emia will atmospherically light up for the long balmy evenings to be enjoyed. The sounds of the insects will fill your ears while the stars unfold above you.

After a silent night, the distant crowing of the cockerel from one farm to another and the faint church bells ringing over the valley, signify the start of a new day.

Time to hit the shower...

Warmed by the sun, the water helps the day get off to the right start. Followed by breakfast with a view.

So what to do for the rest of the day? Perhaps some reading?

Perhaps a dip in the pool?

Chez Emia is the ultimate place to cut off from the modern world, leave your screens behind and immerse fully in nature. It is as peaceful and quiet as it is possible to be. So why not come and taste your own slice of tranquility? See you soon :)

Chez Emia is so named because of the two lovely ladies that came to Le Haut Repaire and invested their time and efforts in creating this wonderful area. Thank you Emily! Thank you Mia!

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